Just Snap


An app that creates instant rewards for customers instead of typing out any awkward, time-consuming codes - That is Just Snap.

People are subjected everyday to discounts and rewards with their receipts when they go shopping.   All too often they stuff the receipt in their wallet, since they can’t be bothered with the hassle of journeying to websites and typing out long, frustrating codes.  Perhaps they could be winning something really good, but this involves reading through the boring small print.

Just Snap offers a new way to redeem rewards.  You simply download the app, snap the purchase and enjoy the reward. Simple as that.



Half a trillion dollars was the amount spent by FMCG brands for trade and sales promotions last year across the world. That’s almost equal to the economy of Sweden, and according to Nielsen, 60% of those sales and trade promotions made up a net loss.  So it’s a huge problem. Current promotions are not working, which are the most important tool to drive sales. It’s a desperate situation.


And the reason people aren’t interested in getting the second same physical item for free? It’s boring. People like variety.  And when it comes to typing out codes;  millennials hate waiting to get a response to what they do. They want immediate rewarding. That’s how we connect  the shoppers and increase the sales of the brands.


With instant offers to consumers such as free movie tickets,  Spotify subscriptions and Amazon credit rewards, we engage with the customers and create an emotional bonding with them and the brands , which is more effective than luring the customer with a coupon or buy one get one free deal.


Consumers take the photo of their receipts, which is analysed immediately by our backend system, and are rewarded on the spot.  The  solution is available across all retailers, since it doesn’t require any integration to point of sale systems.


The brands directly reach out to the consumers, and offer them rewards they love to have. They also reduce their time with go to market strategies from an average of 8 weeks down to 10 days.  In this way they’re  accessing consumers directly, with emotionally bonding rewards.  


What’s more, this fosters the ROI of promotions, and there’s less manpower required because it doesn’t have to go to I.T departments anymore.  The Brand Manager within marketing departments can easily decide on the goals they want to achieve and deploy to market.  Additionally,  they receive actionable data of their consumers and even competitors.


Everyone benefits across the board.  Consumers get high value lifestyle rewards that connect them to the products they love. This increases their loyalty, results in repeat purchases, and a 35%  increase in sales. At the supermarket, they go shopping, take a picture of their receipt and instantly get an electronic coupon to their app.  They can go to the cinema,  show the code, and see any movie they like.  It’s as good and as flexible as it sounds, and people can have a great time sooner rather than later!


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